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wanted lop pigs to start herd

13/06/2019 - 7:45
oliver mcallister

looking for lop pigs to start up my own pedigree breeding herd, is there any lop pigs breeding in Northern Ireland that i can buy?

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18/06/2019 - 5:55
Giles Eustice


This is great news and I would be really happy to help. We currently do not have any breeding herds in Northern Ireland but we do have others interested and about to get some stock this year.
We work closely with Deer Park A.I. centre and have boars in the centre for A.I. distribution.
We have a very interesting project coming up which you can learn about by going to the news area on our website. We will be sending boars to the A.I. centre each year and this will mean we could ‘piggy back’ breeding gilts with them on the journey helping to reduce costs and also there will be a steady supply of boars coming out of the A.I. centre to use which would be a great bonus.
Contact me on my email or call and we can discuss further;would be great to get British Lops over as they potentially have some relation with your extinct Ulster White pig.
All the best, Giles