British Lops at The Royal Norfolk Show 2013

11 July 2013

British Lops at The Royal Norfolk Show 2013

British Lops were showing in the modern breed classes, rather than the rightful Traditional Breed classes, and therefore were up against the Large White and Welsh breeds. They came away with some good results, again displaying the quality of the British Lop and it’s competitiveness against the modern commercial breeds.

Hayley Lake took 2 lops (its her 3rd show in her first year)

January Boar Class
Hayley took 1st with Goosetree Duke
Kim and Barry Arden 3rd with Goosetree Duke 2

Sow Class
Hayley 1st with Balsham Sunshine 41
Kim and Barry Arden 2nd with Goosetree Sunshine 3

January Gilts
1st for Goosetree Sunshine 9 & 4th for Goosetree Sunshine 8

Goosetree Sunshine 9 also gained reserve Female Champion in this section, Lop of the Year qualifier, reserve Young Pig of the Year qualifier and reserve Traditional Champion; with so many mature males and females on show this was quite an impressive feat for sure.

Another impressive show for the British Lops....next up ....Yorkshire.