British Lops journey to Scotland

10 December 2015

British Lops journey to Scotland

Last month society member Kim Arden sent some of her Lops up to the highlands to new owners James and Ruth Harris from Harris farm meats in Srathaven Lanarkshire.

The consignment consisted of a young sow, boar and july gilt. The pigs left Cambridgeshire at 5am to embark on their 320 mile trip, they arrived in their new home at 10:45 to freshly bedded down pens. After settling the pigs in and looking around their new home the Ardens embarked on their homeward bound trip safe in the knowledge the pigs will be well looked after in their new home. 

We wish James and Ruth the best of luck with their Lops - please keep us updated with your progress. Thanks to Kim for the images below of the Lops in their new home;