British Lops on the big screen

6 January 2016

British Lops will be making an appearance on BBC 2's 'Victorian Bakers', the three-part series which started last night, is presented by historians Alex Langlands and Annie Gray and will send bakers to explore working in three periods across Victoria’s reign: 1837, the 1870s and 1900.

The series will use the experiment to explore the social and economic changes which took place during the period and will make use of the tools, methods and recipes of the day.
Each episode will be set not only in a different time period but also a different place. In 1837, the bakers will get to grips with a rural bakery but the changes are rung for the 1870s when they move to a hectic industrial bakery. 

Here you can see the Goosetree Lops, in Cambridgeshire on set - thanks to Kim Arden for sharing!

Catch up on last nights episode of Victorian Bakers on BBC iPlayer