CALL FOR HELP: British Lop Pig Survey 2016

22 November 2016

Recently, members of the society were asked to return a blood line survey, in order for the society to monitor the total numbers of males and females alive, for each blood line.

A total of 114 surveys were sent out, but only 51 have been returned. This is very disappointing and prevents us having an accurate view of the registered Lops across the UK.

The society would like to keep a close eye on the blood lines where numbers are low and to actively try to rectify this. Without accurate data, this is very difficult. If you are in a position to try to boost the numbers for the poorly represented lines, our secretary, Emma Collings or any member of the committee would be happy to put you in contact with a breeder,  who may be able to supply you with the relevant young stock.

We would urge any members, with registered Lops, to return their survey to Emma Collings without delay, so that we can update these figures.

The figures to date are reflected in the charts below:
























For more information please get in touch with Emma at secretary@britishloppig.org.uk