Great Yorkshire Show Results

10 August 2015

Great Yorkshire Show Results

Pictured: The Edgars competing with Bakers Cornishman 3

Thanks to Julian Collings for the following review of Great Yorkshire Show;

Early morning start at 8:30; judging Middle Whites followed by the Welsh in ring one then off to lunch while Nick Kiddy judges the Large Whites then return to ring one to watch the British Lops be judged - that was my order for the day.

Returned back just in time to see the start of the senior boar class judged by one of the society's most experienced judge, breeder and showman Derek Harrison from North Wales. Derek has bred a good number of champions over the years travelling to many shows including the Royal Bath and West, Devon County and Melton Mowbray, all some distance away.

First class was the Senior Boar with 2 forward, both strong boars from Kim and Barry Arden, Goosetree General took first place with Goosetree Duke 4 coming second.

Onto the January boar class with a good entry of seven well turned out boars, first was Giles Eustice with Bezurrell Supreme 13, second went to Emma and Mark Edgar with Bakers Ben 2, third place went to the Ardens with Goosetree Charles, fourth went to Goosetree Duke 5 and fifth went to Bakers Cornishman 3.

Next we went to the sow class which was won by Giles Eustice with Bezurrell Actress 263, a well known successful show sow in the West Country.

Then onto the gilts born on or after the 1st July - 31st December 2014 with 6 entries - first place went to Bezurrell actress 340 a July born gilt looking well in pig, second went to a September gilt from Bezurrell actress 344, third Bezurrell actress 345, fourth Bezurrell actress 343 and fifth went to Goosetree sunshine 21

Next was the January born gilts, first place was the Edgar's with Bakers queen 2 a lovely type gilt, second Bezurrell actress 351, third Bakers actress 35, fourth Bezurrell actress 354 and Goosetree thatcher 3 in fifth place. There were 6 quality gilts in the ring.

Onto the championships; male champion went to Giles with Bezurrell supreme 13 with Kim and Barry in reserve with the senior boar Goosetree General.
The female championship was contested by four quality pigs! Taking the title was the July gilt Bezurrell actress 340 shown by Mr Paul Eustice! Reserve Female went to Bezurrell actress 263.

The overall breed champion went to Bezurrell actress 340. With reserve breed champion going to Bezurrell actress 263, by the end of the classes she was showing her tiredness of her journey from West Cornwall!

Thank you to all the exhibitors; Kim and Barry, Mark and Emma, Giles and Paul (monumental 840 miles roundtrip) for putting their time and effort in to getting to Yorkshire and helping the British Lops have a strong entry in the classes and keeping the British Lop flag flying!! Also a big thank you to Derek for doing a good job judging.