Lincolnshire Show 2015

8 July 2015

Thanks to Kim Arden for the following results from Lincolnshire show, which took place at the end of June '15;

Lincolnshire run an all traditional breed class so competition is always strong, the judge for day one was Helen Tongue, resulsts as follows:

- First out July Boars Goosetree Duke 4 being placed 2nd
- Goosetree General takes 3rd in the September boar class
- Goosetree Charles takes a 2nd place in the January boar class
- Goosetree Sunshine 4 takes a 1st place in the sow class
- Goosetree Sunshine 21 takes a 2nd in the July gilt class

Then last but by no means least Goosetree Thatcher 3 takes a 2nd place at her second show of the season, with Goosetree Sunshine 4 going on to take Supreme traditional.

Day two judged by Kevin Matthews

- POY traditional boar awarded to Goosetree Charles who then went on to take the reserve overall.
- POY traditional gilt reserve place awarded to Goosetree Thatcher 3 her second reserve at her second show.

Another great show for British Lops!