New Announceme‚Äčnts following the AGM in April

11 May 2014

After a stimulating AGM in April we would like to update you on a few changes to the Society appointments. We had a very productive meeting and a great turn out, so thank you to all those who travelled so far to support the Society AGM.

Please read on to see our new (ok, some not so new!), refreshed team, ready and willing to help and serve for the Society, we all thank you.

Emma Collings - New Secretary One of the most important changes for our members is the appointment of our new Secretary, Emma Collings. Emma has spent her life growing up in and around some of the finest British Lop breeding stock and has no doubt been dragged to countless shows at all ages by her Father Julian.

Emma is actively involved with the breed and we think she will make a great Secretary, her youth and enthusiasm for British Lops will shine for the good of us all.

You can email Emma at secretary@britishloppig.org.uk.

Your new Council 2014
Brian Upchurch

Vice- President
Derek Harrison

Emma Collings

Giles Eustice

Vice- Chairman
John Hadley

Mary Dobedoe

Publicity Officer
Giles Eustice

Members of the Council
Guy Kiddy
Richard Lutwyche
Julian Collings
Nicholas Elcombe
Rachel Nicholas
Kim Arden
Emma Edgar
Frank Miller

Of course it goes with out saying our thanks go out to those who have served on council prior to any changes at this AGM, your support has been most valuable and we hope to see your continued involvement with the breed and Society.