Paul Eustice: A message Julian Collings; previous Society President

28 October 2016

Paul Eustice: A message Julian Collings; previous Society President

On Monday the 17th October after an 8 year battle with cancer Paul Eustice passed away peacefully. Co owner of the Bezurrell herd of British Lops (oldest herd in the society) and the Tregotha herd of South Devon cattle with his son Giles who is also our society chairman.

In the past few days I have read in the press many things about Paul; some I knew and some I did not, like in 1979 he opened one of Cornwall's first pick your own fruit farms, at the age of 26 Paul became the youngest cattle judge at the Royal Show, past chairman of the South Devon herdbook society, breeder of Tregotha Concorde South Devon bull of the year in 1992. Paul took over the Bezurrell herd from his uncle Derek in the 90s.

After showing with my father against Derek and other members of the Eustice family, I first met Paul in 2001. On the 4th March 2001 we lost all our stock to foot and mouth. Not knowing what to restock with at the time I visited the South Devon society stand at the Royal Cornwall show and on the for sale list was the last of the Tregotha herd, as a youngster I remember a cow called Tregotha Rose, a fantastic winning show cow, so I visited Paul at Trevaskis and purchased 22 animals which were the last of Paul's breeding lines, a very reluctant sale so Paul could concentrate on the farm shop and restaurant side of the business. This was the start of our very strong friendship. In 2006 The Bezurrell herd of pigs returned to the show ring so the friendly rivalry Collings v Eustice also returned. 

In 2004 Giles came home to help Paul in the growing business which today is one of Cornwall's best known farm attractions. Paul was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 but continued to live an active life travelling to shows all over the country, only last year at the great Yorkshire show I recall Paul in the ring showing a July gilt Bezurrell actress 340 winning breed champion. Personally I think he enjoyed going to our show and sale at Melton Mowbray the best, where we would all enjoy a friendly weekend away. While Giles was trying his best to sell the pigs to go home with a empty trailer, Paul would be at the poultry section purchasing a trailer load of chickens to take home for his field next to the farm shop.

Ever since Paul sold the cattle back in 2001 he had always dreamed that one day he would be able to get his old family bloodlines back, in April this year Paul and Giles visited us to purchase 10 breeding females and 4 calves which then returned back to Trevaskis Farm, a very happy day. I am so pleased that Paul had the summer with the cattle back where they belong.

I can't put into words how I feel at the present time.

Rest well Paul.
You will be greatly missed.
By all the Collings family.

For those that knew him and wish to pay their respects the funeral takes on Monday the 31st October at 2pm at Gwinear Church, Hayle, Cornwall.