Rounding up a fantastic Lop of the Year final 2016 at Melton Mowbray

1 October 2016

Thank you to all our exhibitors for presenting yet again such a fantastic representation of the breed.

Huge congratulation to Giles Eustice for his Champion Lop of the Year Bezurrell Supreme 16 and for reaching his third LOY win….an accolade only held previously by the Edgars Bakers herd….look out for next year to see is either herd can take the lead and make it a fourth!!

Also a massive congratulations to Catherine Nicholas with her reserve Lop of the Year winner with her cherished Mary, Catrin Mary the 4th. To all others present and achieving success on the Friday show classes and beyond – thank you.

We went on to have another fantastic sale with Lops spreading far and wide, setting up new herds and the LOY boar heading to Cumbria to meet up with last year’s LOY winner….look out for some good stock coming from that way soon, we hope!

Top prices fetching over 400gns and nearly all stock selling out – what a great show - start planning now for next year!

See below for photos from the show and full results.







1 – Mark Carus’ young boar under inspection by Judge Mary Dobedoe
2 – a good ring full of boars
3 – a busy showing ring full of females






Friday Breed Classes

Class A- Gilt born on or after 1/7/2015
1st) Catrin Thatcher 3
2nd) Bezurrell Actress 365           
3rd) Bezurrell Actress 363

Class B- Gilt born between 1.1.2016 and 31.3.2016
1st) Penllwyn Lulu 63rd
2nd) Catrin Harmony 27
3rd) Penllwyn Lulu 62nd

Class C- born between 1.1.2016 and 31.3.2016 plus older boars qualified for LOY
1st) Penllwyn Charles 6th
2nd) Guist Charles
3rd) Liskeard Prince 32

Female Champion - Penllwyn Lulu 63rd
Male Champion - Penllwyn Charles 6th

Breed Champion - Penllwyn Lulu 63rd
Reserve Breed Champion - Penllwyn Charles 6th

Lop of the Year Final

Champion Male - BEZURRELL SUPREME 16
Reserve Male - BAKERS BEN 4

Champion Female - CATRIN MARY 4
Reserve Female - BAKERS HARMONY 38

Lop of the Year - BEZURRELL SUPREME 16
Reserve - CATRIN MARY 4

Giles Eustice taking male champion LOY

Catherine Nicholas taking champion female LOY

Emma Edgar taking reserve champion female loy

LOY WINNER – Giles Eustice pictured with judge Mary Dobedoe

Catherine taking reserve champion LOY