Royal Cornwall Show Results

4 August 2016

Royal Cornwall Show Results

A huge thanks to Emma Collings; society Secretary, for the following write up on Royal Cornwall Show, held at the beggining of June. 

There were three exhibitors forward at Royal Cornwall 2016, with good numbers of pigs in the home county of the breed.
Giles Eustice, Catherine Nicholas and the Collings Family. The lops were being judged by Robert Overend Jn. from Northern Ireland.

First to be judged were the 2015 born boars:
1st place went to Liskeard general 16th
2nd Liskeard Charles 28th
Both from the Collings family.
And 3rd went to G Eustice with Bezurrell Supreme 16.
A pleasure to see 3 different boar lines competing in the ring.

In the next class the January boars competed with a 1st to Bezurrell supreme 19 and 2nd Bezurrell supreme 18 both from Giles Eustice who went on to win the sow class with Bezurrell actress 301.

Next were the gilts born on or after the 1st July 2015. 10 fine examples of the breed were presented making it a tough class for any judge. During the class Robert Overend took to the microphone to talk about the class in front of him, he was very impressed with the way they were all presented and the quality of the gilts that were in the class commenting it had been many years since he had seen such a number of good pigs in the ring from any one breed. A true testament to what the lops have achieved.

1st went to Giles Eustice with Bezurrell Harmony 6
2nd Liskeard Lulu 27th from the Collings family
3rd G Eustice with Bezurrell Harmony 8

January gilt class was won by G Eustice with Bezurrell actress 366.

Male champion was won by Liskeard General 16th with Bezurrell supreme 19 reserve.

Female champion won by Bezurrell Harmony 6 with reserve female going to Bezurrell actress 366.

Breed Champion was rewarded to Liskeard General 16th and reserve went to Bezurrell harmony 6 resulting in the Collings family winning back the Bezurrell cup from the Eustice’.
Liskeard general 16th went out again on the Saturday where he qualified for the pig of the year competition at the great Yorkshire show.