Royal Norfolk Show Results

7 July 2015

Thanks again to Emma Edgar for another write up, this time on the Royal Norfolk Show;

The 1st of July saw the opening of the 2015 Royal Norfolk show. In what was almost unbearable heat, we competed under the watchful eye of William Gregory.

First up were the senior boars, where Guist Supreme was 1st and Goosetree Duke second. In the January boars, Bakers Cornishman 3 was triumphant and went on to take the male championship. Second in the class was Goosetree Charles and the third prize went to Bakers Ben 2. Guist Supreme took the reserve male slot.

It was a big ask of the sows, to play ball in the sweltering heat, but Goosetree Sunshine 4 enjoyed success again with 1st and Catrin Lulu 12 took second place.

In the gilt classes Goosetree Sunshine 21 won the July section. The September class saw a few more entries and was won by Hayley Lake’s Guist Actress. In second was Guist Harmony and third and fourth went to the Ardens with Goosetree Thatcher and Goosetree Thatcher 2. The final class of Januaries was won by the Edgar’s with Bakers Actress 35, with Bakers Queen 2 in second and Guist Lulu in third.

The champion female prize was awarded to Guist Actress and the reserve to Bakers Actress 35. Guist Actress then went on to take the Breed champion rosette and the reserve breed champion went to Bakers Cornishman 3. The Lop of the Year qualifications went to Guist Actress and Guist Supreme.

Day two, was judged by Patricia Horsley and began with the pairs class. This was judged in two sections, modern then traditional. The pair of Lops from the Edgar camp (Bakers Cornishman 3 and to Bakers Actress 35) were again successful, winning the traditional section, they went on to win the Brackenwood cup for the best pair of breeding pigs at the show.

As Hayley did not want to go to Yorkshire, The Ardens represented the British Lops with Goosetree Duke in the traditional male POY heat.  He went on to take the reserve slot.  Bakers Actress 35 stepped up for the female section, but to no avail. 

The final contest of the show was the interbreed section, where Hayley Lake took her place with Guist Actress. To the pleasure of all the Lop breeders, she won the traditional section, then triumphed against the modern winner, to take the Supreme Champion slot. They were also awarded the Norfolk special award. There’s something especially good about being so successful at your home county show!

So, for Norfolk 2015, not only had Lops been well represented, but had swept the board!