The Traditional and Native Breeds National Show and Sale 13th & 14th Sept

The Traditional and Native Breeds National Show and Sale 13th & 14th Sept

The Melton Mowbray show & sale is coming up!

The show is a fantastic opportunity to see and purchase some of the finest Lop Pigs in the country. The British Lop is the rarest of all native pig breeds and is top of the RBST endangered list. There were only 76 boars and 297 sows and gilts alive in the survey carried out at the end of 2018. Given this situation, and the current market, it is a credit to the breed and to the members that they have managed to produced so many top quality breeding pigs for this show and sale. All pigs entered are fully registered with the Society.

All pigs will be inspected by 2 British Lop Inspectors on arrival. The event will be run under National Pig Auction Rules. There are currently 24 Pedigree British Lop pigs on sale! you can download the sale catalogue from the link below.


"The event has been a fabulous success, with close to 1000 sheep each year, from 24 different UK Traditional and Native breeds , a good selection of cattle and pigs, and a fantastic poultry and waterfowl sale."

What can you expect from the show?

Pig Judging - 2pm Friday - The Supreme Champion will receive the Melton Mowbray Market Cup and be eligible to compete for the Alan Muddiman Memorial Trophy for ‘Champion of Champions’.

Pig Sale - 11am Saturday - Selling commences in catalogue order by breed. You can download the brochure from the link above.

We hope to see you there!