Westcountry breed goes North and dominates at The Great Yorkshire Show

26 July 2018

Westcountry breed goes North and dominates at The Great Yorkshire Show

What a fantastic show the British Lops had at The Great Yorkshire 2018. A tremendous example of the breed was presented impeccably throughout the show and the results came in thick and fast in a variety of interbreed classes.

This was the first year the prestigious Lop of the Year competition was to be held at The Great Yorkshire show, it was well supported and proved to be a worthy location for the event.







Picture: a ring full of Lops

First things first…

On the Tuesday we competed in the British Lop breed classes to kick off events. Our judge for the day was Emma Edgar, a long standing British Lop Breeder who has achieved many Lop of the Year tittles. Doubtless there would be some intense scrutiny although with over 27 entries for British Lops at the show, 8 in some classes and the quality stock forward it was not going to be an easy task!

Emma Edgar comments on the British Lop classes – ‘"In the sweltering heat of the Great Yorkshire show, it was my pleasure to judge the breed classes.  Forward, were strong classes of British Lops, with representation from all around the country.  It was so nice to see the effort that everyone had gone to, to get their pigs “right” for the show.  The numbers were also good, which was possibly owing to the GYS hosting the Lop of the year final the following day.

The boar classes were my first challenge, where Bezurrell Supreme 21 was the male champion, with Bezurrell Prince 2, the younger boar as my reserve. It was encouraging to learn that the champion boar was a Supreme as this blood line is down to very low numbers, so to see a good stock boar was very positive.  It’s always a challenge to have a sow in good show condition at Yorkshire as the timings don’t work well for the traditional early July litters that breeders aim for, but there were three good sows forward, the winner of which was Knighton Queen from the Collings family who went on to be my female and breed champion. The four-year-old sow had done plenty of work but was still in great condition and although she was a little reluctant in the heat, was sound and clearly going to continue as an asset to the herd for years to come. The gilt classes were very well subscribed and closely contested. In the end, without too much delay in the blistering heat, I placed Liskeard Lulu first, with a second from Broadland Harmony 2, a third for Liskeard Lulu 38 and forth for Norseman Thatcher 3. In the January class Bezurrell Actress 418 was my winner, who went on to be the reserve champion female.  In second place Bezurrell Actress 420, third Tudor Thatcher 3 and fourth went to Catrin Thatcher 11.

The groups saw a great parade of pigs, with the prizes going to The Eustice family and the Nicholas family.

With the showing complete for the breed classes, the exhibitors had a well-earned break before they had to be back on parade for the Lop of the year championship classes on Wednesday. The decision to move this from the Melton Mowbray show and sale was made by the society in the hope that it gave the British Lop breed a far better audience and perhaps a more prestigious event than that seen in previous years."

For full results you can view here https://greatyorkshireshow.co.uk/online-results/

British Lops shone in the sunshine in ring 3

The sun came out for our Lop of the year final on the Wednesday which made the pigs shine but also made things just a little too warm for showing. Still our exhibitors paraded the best of the best, qualifying from the shows across the country and truly did the breed proud.

Brian Upchurch was the judge for the day, travelling from Royston in Hertfordshire. Another long-standing and devoted British Lop breeder, council member, past Chairman…and the list goes on. As breeders we knew Brian would know what he wanted…but of course until you are in that ring….you just don’t know what that is!

Here are the results of a finely fought competition -

There were 9 females and 7 males forward to be judged, the cream of the crop from all the qualifying shows throughout the country.

The 7 boars were first to be appraised with Bezurrell Prince 3 awarded Champion Male and Reserve Male going to Greenway Cornishman 11 (who was judged by Guy Kiddy due to being bred by Mr Upchurch).

Next in were the females with Broadland Harmony 2 awarded Champion Female and Norseman Thatcher 3 given reserve placing.

Subsequently, the Lop of the Year Trophy was won by Broadland Harmony 2 and the shield for Reserve Lop of the Year awarded to Bezurrell Prince 3.

Our Lop of the Year Sponsor Mr Duncan Short of Towergate Farm Insurance presented the rosettes, shield and trophy to all the prize winners.

Brian Upchurch commented: "It was an honour to be asked to judge such a fine group of British Lops, it was a hard task with the high quality of animals forward.  I awarded the top prize of Lop of the Year to Broadland Harmony 2 as I was really impressed with her lovely underline, strong, well set legs and ease of movement."

Results as follows:

Champion Male  Bezurrell prince 3

Reserve Male Greenway Cornishman 11














Champion Female Broadland Harmony 2 (pictured above)

Reserve Female Norseman Thatcher 3














Lop of Year  - Broadland Harmony 2

Reserve Lop of Year Bezurrell Prince 3 (pictured above with Giles Eustice receiving LoY shield for reserve from Duncan short of Towergate Farm Insurance)










British Lop fantastic in the Pig of the Year


The British Lops had a storming set of qualifiers into the BPA pig of the year final from across the country.

The Qualifiers were as follows –

Welsh Smallholders:

Mrs R and Miss C Nicholas

Traditional Boar - Catrin Prince 6

Royal Cornwall

The Eustice Family

Traditional Boar - Bezurell General 24

Traditional Gilt - Bezurell Actress 400

Three Counties

The Eustice Family

Traditional Boar - Bezurell Prince 3


Aimee Pawson

Traditional Gilt - Tudor Thatcher 2


Managing another Qualifier and reserve qualifier into the final from Great Yorkshire was truly the icing on the cake with Hayley Lake qualifying Broadlands Harmony 2 and Giles Eustice’ Bezurrell Supreme 21 picking up a reserve qualifier.

This is without doubt a prestigious and tough event to compete in. Bezurrell Prince 3 took reserve traditional male in the final; quite something for this young January boar competing against much older contenders from other classes. Hayley Lake went out with the rather fine looking Harmony gilt and took the traditional female reserve; deservingly so for she absolutely shone through the whole show. Both these British Lops had great flesh, good back lines and fantastic legs which obviously did not go unnoticed by judge Guy Kiddy.  To get 6 British Lops into the competition and come away with 2 reserve places when competing against such quality stock in all breeds from across the country certainly serves the breed well and proves we are heading in the right direction.


Storming home…In young Pig Interbreed and interbreed pairs












Pictured: Giles Eustice winning the interbreed young pig overall supreme champion

The Thursday of the show turned its focus to the young interbreed class and the pairs. Yet again the Lops had a fantastic day with Bezurrell Price 3 taking the Traditional male championship, he continued to show well and ultimately went on to take overall supreme champion competing against the moderns too.











Pictured: The judge heading over to Catherine Nicholas to award reserve interbreed pairs


Catherine Nicholas showed a great pair impeccably, something not easy to do but they got their reward, winning the Traditional interbreed pairs championship. She continued into the overall championship taking reserve place and rounding off events for the British Lops at Great Yorkshire 2018....what a show.

A huge thankyou to all of our exhibitors for making the journey, judges, members, stewards and of course our sponsor Towergate Farm Insurance for supporting this fine event - well done !















Pictured above: Lop of the Year Winner - Broadland Harmony with Hayley Lake. Duncan Short from Towergate Farm Insurance (this year's Lop of the Year's proud sponsor) presents Hayley the LOY cup. Also pictured is judge Brian Upchurch.